FCC License Exams at WRTC2014

WRTC2014, in  collaboration with the Framingham Amateur Radio Association (FARA), will be  holding license examination sessions for WRTC2014 competitors, referees, and  visitors who are interested in obtaining a U.S. license or upgrading their  existing U.S. license.

The examinations will be conducted on Wednesday,  July 9, beginning in the afternoon, at the DoubleTree Hotel (WRTC2014 HQ) in  Westborough, MA.You must pre-register by contacting Jim Weckback, W1EQW  at +1-508-904-6188 or sending him an  email at: W1EQW@ARRL.NET.

If you do not  pre-register, exam materials may not be available.

To take exam elements please bring the following with  you:

  • $15 registration fee cash (or check made out to ARRL/VEC). Fee is set  by the ARRL/VEC.  The single $15 fee is good for taking one, two, or all three elements at the session.   Credit cards cannot be accepted.
  • Government issued picture identification such as a current drivers license or valid passport.
  • If you do not reside in the U.S., you will need to arrange to have a  U.S. address you can use for your license.
  • FCC Registration Number (FRN) which is shown on your current FCC license or your Social Security Number. If you do not have a FRN you can register with the FCC and receive one free of charge through the following website: https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do
  • For license upgrades (General or Extra) bring your original signed license and a copy. The copy will be sent in to the ARRL with your paperwork.