Qualification Standings

Click on a link below to view an Excel file with the current results for that qualifying region. Files are managed by Dan Street, K1TO (k1to@wrtc2014.org).

Updated: August 26, 2013

Excel File Qualifying Region
NA1 W1
NA2 W2
NA3 W3
NA5 W5
NA6 W6-W7 (AZ-NV-UT)
NA8 W8
NA9 W9
NA10 W0
NA11 VE1/2/3/9/VO/VY2, FP, OX
NA12 VE4/5/6/7/8/VY1, KL7
NA13 CQ Zones 6-7-8, 4U1UN, VP9
EU6 UA1-6, UA2
AF AF North/West – or – AF South/East
AS1 CQ Zone 17, UA9 in zone 16
AS2 CQ Zones 18-19-23 (except BY)
AS3 CQ Zones 20 (AS portion), 21
AS4 CQ Zones 22-24-26-BY/23
AS5 CQ Zone 25 (HL-JA)
OC OC South – or – OC North
SA1 CQ Zone 11 (PY-ZP)
SA2 SA North – or – SA South


1)  These event scores are unofficial.  Applicants still need to provide their calculated scores at the time of application in 2013.

2)  We attempt to place each operator in the correct Selection Area.  This is unofficial, since we obviously do not require any official documents just to enter a contest.  Also, we have no intent of looking up everyone’s address after each contest.  Just let us know if we’ve placed you in the wrong Area.

3) Results for AF, OC and SA2 are combined into one worksheet for each.  Scores are correctly calculated only against their own Score Comparison Area, but since there is only one ultimate winner of those combined Areas, it would not be right to mislead someone into thinking they are ahead for a Team Leader spot.

4)  Multi-op scores are highlighted in yellow.  There is a limit to how many operators at a multi may use that score at application time, but for the purposes of displaying the scoreboard, all operators are credited with the same event score.  Remember that up to 6 scores for an applicant may be from multi-ops.

5)  Out-of-Area scores are highlighted in blue.  Remember that up to 6 scores may be from outside your home Area.

6)  Out-of-Area Multi-op scores are highlighted in purple.

7)  Several operators had multiple scores published, thus are listed with 0 points, per Section 6, Point 4 of the Selection Rules.  These are highlighted in orange.

8)  In most contest results, there are a few multi-op entries that did not list their operators.  In a few cases, this leads to a club callsign showing in our listing as an operator.  If you are submitting a Cabrillo entry to a contest sponsor for a multi-op, please remember to list each of the operators.

Other Resources Marek, SQ2GXO, has created a separate web site (wrtc-rank.com) to track the qualifying process based on published and claimed scores. The wrtc-rank.com site is not affiliated with the WRTC2014 organizing committee.