Logging Software for use at WRTC2014

WRTC2014 has approved six brands of logging software for use by competitors. WRTC2014 will use scoring that is different from the IARU HF Championship and has the need to be compatible with the online scoreboard system.

The following software should be used at WRTC2014:

DXLog.net – Version 2.1.4 or later.
N1MM Logger – Version 14.4.103 or later
SkookumLogger – Version 1.7.25 or later
TR4W – Version 4.248 (does not support Remote Scoreboard directly but scores log correctly)
WinTest – Version 4.13.0-WRTC (see note below)
Writelog – Version 11.18 or later

These versions have been tested to make sure the WRTC scoring method has been correctly implemented. However, you should monitor the release of newer versions by the respective authors which might fix features not directly related to the WRTC changes.

Please refer any questions about software or scoring to Tree, N6TR, at n6tr@wrtc2014.org.

Questions about the on-line scoreboard interface should go to Dave, KM3T, at km3t@wrtc2014.org.

Win-Test note (de KM3T):

The current publicly available Win-Test version is v4.12.  *YOU CAN’T USE THIS VERSION FOR WRTC 2014.*

*Version 4.12 will score the contest incorrectly and is not compatible with our remote score reporting system.  Also, there is no WRTC contest selection in v4.12.  Additionally, this version allows SCP use which is not allowed in WRTC 2014.  /You will not be able to operate the contest with v4.12 or earlier./*

The WRTC2014-specific EXE is labeled as v4.13.0-WRTC.  You can download the latest version here: http://f6fvy.free.fr/wrtc2014/wt_dev_4_13_0_567_WRTC_2014.zip

N1MM note (de N2IC): 

N1MM Logger version 14.4.105 has been posted to: http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=20

14.4.105 includes all of the features of 14.4.103 and 14.4.104 and a few enhancements. Use of 14.4.103 or later is required for WRTC competitors. Use of either 104 or 105 is completely optional. 104 and 105 include only enhancements, and no bug fixes.