Propagation Forecasts

This page provides resources and information about propagation expected for WRTC2014.

Custom Propagation Forecast from K6TU

Stu Phillips, K6TU, has made his propagation prediction service available for WRTC2014. Enter your callsign, grid square, and type of antenna system. The web page will provide a table of expected band openings from your location to the WRTC2014 area.

Link to propagation forecast:

OH6BG Propagation Planner

Jari has expanded his VOACAP Propagation Planner site at .

Besides running batch predictions from one TX site to all CQ Zones, it’s now possible also to run batch predictions to almost all ITU Zones (short path & long path) as well. There are analysis tools for Windows & Mac and Excel Workbooks available to massage the raw prediction data into a more readable form.

The manual is here:

Currently, more than 110 locations covering most of the ITU Zones are included.

The Propagation Planner gives you a good start for planning your operating strategy, especially if you run the predictions for two different sunspot numbers (SSN): 70 (predicted for the month) and 140 (…or even higher for high solar activity). For low bands, use the W6ELProp software or use grayline maps (such as DX Atlas by Alex VE3NEA) for planning the best operating times. Do NOT rely too heavily on VOACAP on low bands!

Use the following coordinates for the TX site: 42.29N (Latitude: 42.29), 71.57W (Longitude: -71.57).

For making more interactive point-to-point propagation prediction experiments, visit .



Jari OH6BG