Youth Team

The WRTC2014  qualifying rules include a special provision for a Youth team. The Youth team must be under age 25 at the time of WRTC2014 in July 2014.

Per the qualifying rules:

  1. The Youth Team Leader position is awarded to the applicant born after July 12, 1989 with the highest qualifying score that does not already qualify for a “regular” Team Leader slot. Scores are calculated in the same manner as for all other applicants.  The Youth TL must select another youth operator as his/her Teammate.

The Youth team will be selected using the same qualification process and criteria used for the other teams. Those interested in competing as a Youth team will submit their application through the normal process (to be announced). After all the Team Leader positions have been filled, the remaining applications from those under 25 will be evaluated. The Youth team with the highest qualifying score will receive the invitation.

This gives Youth teams two opportunities to qualify.  First as a qualifier for their region, and second for the special Youth team invitation.

There are a number of Youth team leaders attempting to qualify. We would like to know who you are. Please enter your call sign and some sentences about your interest in WRTC in the comments area below.

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