Poor Signal Policy

This policy document serves as an addendum to the WRTC2014 rules. Questions should be directed to  rules@wrtc2014.org

Competitor locations will be separated by a minimum of 500 meters. This amount of separation proved to be adequate at WRTC-2010 in Russia and during station tests at WRTC2014 station test sites in 2012 and 2013.  Under normal situations, a neighboring station with normal, clean signals will not degrade a competition-grade receiver any more than any other loud signal.

Competitors are responsible for clean transmitted signals and are cautioned to check their equipment for key clicks, splatter, phase noise, excessive spurs, etc. and to perform any necessary transmitter modifications prior to WRTC2014.

As soon as possible after arriving at their locations and completing their station setup, neighboring teams should check with one another for interstation interference. Once the competition begins it will not be practical to address complaints so it is important to identify and mitigate any problems beforehand.

If a team receives a complaint, its Referee will first confirm the problem by listening, making sure that it is not being caused by a noise blanker being turned on, etc. Complaints must be reasonable; being able to hear a neighbor’s second harmonic or a few discrete spurs is not grounds for a complaint. If the Referee determines that a complaint has a legitimate basis he will immediately notify the WRTC2014 Judging Committee.

The Committee may confirm by listening to the signal either through a remote receiver or via a mobile receiver and will then communicate with the Referee of the team causing the issue.  If the affected teams and their referees cannot work out a solution then the Committee will independently determine whether the transmitter is at fault.  If so, the offending team must mitigate the transmitter problem to the satisfaction of the complainant. If the problem persists, or if it recurs during the competition, the offending equipment must be removed from service.

Any team that does not cooperate with this policy may be disqualified from the competition.  Decisions of the WRTC2014 Judging Committee are final.