The WRTC 204 Organization is made up of committees that are tasked with managing a portion of the competition or logistics. If you have an interest in helping with one of the committees, please contact the leader.

Information Technology – Dave Pascoe, KM3T

The IT Committee is responsible for the use, and development where necessary, of information technology to be used in preparing for and throughout WRTC 2014.  Some of the IT Committee’s projects are a real-time scoreboard and live video feeds to share WRTC 2014 with the broader community.

Marketing Communications – Randy Thompson, K5ZD

The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting WRTC 2014. Projects include the Web site, press releases, promotional material and videos, etc. One focus area for WRTC 2014 is to use the event to promote the excitement of amateur radio to people outside of the hobby.

Finance Committee – Dick Green, WC1M

As an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity, WRTC2014 Inc. is required to keep very accurate records of its finances and report them to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. This committee is responsible for all financial transactions and report preparation as required by law, as well as maintaining appropriate insurance and performing all other necessary fiduciary functions.

Site Acquisition and Testing – Tom Frenaye, K1KI

The Site Acquisition team is working to find suitable sites for the 59 teams to use during the competition.  It is the goal of WRTC2014 to provide as level a playing field as possible, given the limitations of the New England region.  The area required for a 4-station group is about 50 acres; for 8 stations, over 200 acres.  Once sites are found, we will be doing extensive testing to assure reasonably equal terrain and lack of noise sources.

Committee members:

    • Tom Frenaye, K1KI
    • Bruce Blain, K1BG
    • Rich Assarabowski, K1CC
    • John Goran, K1JJS

Antenna Committee – Mark Pride, K1RX

Each of the 65 WRTC2014 stations (59 teams and 6 spares) will be equipped with identical antennas, chosen for ease of installation and good performance. These antennas will be installed in the days before the competition by trained “Beam Teams”, staffed by local New England amateurs and visitors. This committee is responsible for selecting the antenna hardware, developing the installation process and training the Beam Teams.

Lodging and Hospitality Committee – John Dorr, K1AR

The Lodging and Hospitality Committee is responsible for all aspects of non-personal travel, lodging, meals, events, and recreational tours for WRTC2014. Since WRTC brings together several hundred amateur radio operators from around the world, the committee is focused on ensuring that travel arrangements run smoothly, and that adequate time and opportunities are provided for recreation, fellowship, and forming new friendships.

The specific tasks for this committee include:

    • Develop and provide formal invitations to the WRTC2014 event.
    • Provide advice on with travel arrangements, as well as arranging airport pickups/dropoffs, and transportation to/from the operating sites/events. In addition, reasonable assistance will be provided for those visitors needing support for Visa applications and other immigration issues.
    • Select the “base camp” hotel facility, meals and other logistics.
    • Arrange activities of interest for our guests.
    • Designing and executing the WRTC2014 opening and closing ceremonies as well as special awards dinner
    • Support WRTC2014 marketing resources in the development of  required hard copy materials for the week, including programs, WRTC2014-branded materials, etc.

Team and Referee Selection Committee – Dan Street, K1TO

The allocation of the number of Teams from each geographic region, the list and point value of each Qualifying Event, and the category weightings are all determined by this Committee. In addition, this Committee will be responsible for verification of the qualifications of each candidate for Team Leader and Team Member, including tracking results of all Qualifying Events and posting these results online. This Committee is also responsible for Referee selection.

Competition Committee – Andy Blank, N2NT

This Committee is responsible for the competition aspect of the WRTC2014 event. This includes the Rules, allowed activities in the tents, and approving the competing teams’ station equipment. During WRTC2014 Week, this committee will hold meetings with the competitors and referees to clarify any questions or issues related to the competition.

Logchecking Committee – Larry “Tree” Tyree, N6TR

The WRTC2014 competition will be judged as fairly as possible to determine the correct order of finish. The logs of the WRTC2014 competing teams will be cross-checked with the logs submitted in the hours immediately after the contest, using custom software. In addition, recordings of the competing teams’ audio and dedicated SDR receivers will be used to ensure an accurate log-checking and QSO-verification process.