Advisory Council

The WRTC2014 Advisory Council consists of individuals who have experience in the planning and execution of major events like WRTC and are willing to provide significant financial resources to the project.

The Council is responsible for advising the organizers on the planning and financing of the event, and participate in periodic review and update meetings.

Contact Doug Grant, K1DG, if you are interested in Advisory Council membership.

Tim Duffy, K3LR

Tim has been an active contest operator for almost 40 years. Tim is a member of the CQ Contest Committee (20 years), serves as chairman of Contest University (5 years), organizer of the Dayton Contest Dinner (19 years), and coordinator of the Dayton Contest Super Suite (26 years). He is also a founding member and past multi year President of the North Coast Contesters. He has been on team USA at WRTC four times. Tim serves on the board of directors of the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation as Vice Chairman and on the Radio Club of America (RCA) executive committee. K3LR was elected to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2006.

Craig Thompson, K9CT

Craig’s first contest was Novice Roundup in 1967. Craig has re-ignited his contesting fire in the last few years and is in the process of building a competitive contest station that is capable from 1.8 to 1296 MHz and soon on 2m EME. Favorite contests are ARRL and CQ DX contests, ARRL SS, June VHF and 160. He enjoys CW mostly, but is also active on SSB and RTTY. Craig has been president and owner of Thompson Electronics Company, an electronic system integrator/contractor since 1980. He has been on many boards, both elected and appointed. At present, Craig is semi-retired to have more time for ham radio, running, and golf.

George DeMontrond III, NR5M

George DeMontrond III has been licensed since 1966 and an avid contester since 1984 when he joined the Texas DX Society. He built a multi-multi contest station in 1984-1986, pursued other interests in the early 90’s, and has returned to station building in 2007. His world class station 50 miles northwest of Houston is QRV on all contest bands and modes from 1.8 to 1296 MHz. George brings a wealth of big event experience through his involvement in attempts by the city of Houston to bid for the Olympics and as a Director for one of Houston’s biggest events, the Livestock Show and Rodeo.

L. Dennis Shapiro, W1UF

Dennis was first licensed in 1947 and was an early adopter of SSB using home built transmitting equipment in the early 1950’s.  An Electrical Engineer, he founded Aritech Corporation in 1960 that was sold to a NYSE company in 1974.  In 1978 he became CEO and Chairman of Lifeline Systems, Inc. and retired as Chairman when it was acquired by Philips in 2006.  He is an active pilot with an ATP rating and a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

Juha Hulkko, OH8NC

Juha is a founding member of the Radio Arcala team, which operates the OH8X and CR2X stations along with the popular DX Summit Web site. He has been a contester since the 70s, starting at the OH8OS station. He founded and served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Elektrobit OY, a high-technology company headquartered in Oulu, Finland. He currently serves on the boards of several companies and is a member of the Steering Committee of the CWC (Centre for Wireless Communications) research institute.