Chase Awards

There were a number of awards available to off-site stations that worked the WRTC2014 teams. See the full rules for the Chase Awards.

Activity Awards

WRTC2014 will confirm all QSOs found the in the team logs. 1) Upload all logs to ARRL Logbook of the World, and 2) Send QSLs via the bureau. There is no need for you to send a QSL card to us.

Everyone that worked all 59 teams is eligible to download a certificate of achievement from the web site. View the list of certificate winners and download the certificate.

Assistant Judge Awards

All logs received within six hours after the end of the contest will be entered into a drawing for one of 25 “WRTC2014 Assistant Judge” hats.

There were 3,396 logs received by the 1800 UTC July 14 deadline. See full list of logs received by the deadline.

The hat winners selected by random drawing are:


Bronze Awards

Every station that submits a log containing confirmed contacts with the WRTC teams on 30 or more band/modes will entered into a drawing to win one of 10 WRTC2014 bronze medals or one of 50 WRTC2014 mouse pads.

There were 1330 stations that worked more than 30 band/modes and submitted a log before the 1800 UTC deadline. See the full list of stations.

The bronze medal award winners by random drawing:


The mouse pad winners by random drawing:


Silver Awards

A Silver medal will be awarded to the first 5 stations from each continent and W1 that have confirmed contacts with all 59 teams regardless of mode.

There were 303 stations that worked all 59 teams and submitted a log by the deadline. See the full list by mode and completion time.

Results below show callsign and time the 59th team was worked.


RA9CMO  0258


9A2NA   1317
OH8X    1330
DL1NEO  1335
SJ4F    1409
DM5EE   1421
G3TXF   1421

North America

N8DE    1455
K5NA    1512
N4AO    1541
K8IA    1541
NT4D    1545

South America

PY7RP   1936
PY22XB  0026
YV5AJ   0624

USA – W1

W1ZT    2233
W1JR    2334
K1BG*   0032
NF1O    0039
N1EN    0111
K1ESE   0126

*Winner of gold award

Gold Awards

Gold medals will be awarded to the top 5 band/mode leaders in each continent and W1.

There were 1330 stations that worked more than 30 band/modes and submitted a log before the 1800 UTC deadline. See the full list of stations.

Results show callsign, number of band/modes with WRTC teams, and the number of different WRTC teams worked.


EF8U        164   55
CN2R        144   54
EA8MT        55   47
EA8DP        54   41
RA0LQ/MM     37   35


UA9BA       127   58
C4Z         115   58
A65BD       113   57
7Z1SJ        84   53
RA9CMO       81   59


HB9HQ*      349   59
OK2PAY      327   59
DJ2YA       322   59
ON4WW       320   59
DL8OH       317   59
EA6URA      305   59

* HQ stations not eligible for prizes.

North America

K3WW        381   59
W6YX        347   59
K8AZ        322   59
VE3FU       320   59
W6YI        320   59


ZL2IFB      136   56
KH6RR        66   45
KH7XX        63   43
KH7Y         62   41
VK2GR        47   37

South America

PY7RP       307   59
PY22XB      191   59
YV5AJ       183   59
PJ4DX       152   56
HK3CW       148   58

USA – W1

W100AW*     377   59
NU1AW*      347   59
KK1Z*       298   59
K1BG        292   59
N9NC        247   59
W1ZT        238   59
W3UA/1      237   59
K1RO        235   59

* HQ stations not eligible for prizes.