The participants in WRTC2014 come from all over the world. They share a common love of ham radio and radiosport.

The Competitors are participate in two operator teams.  The Team Leader qualified in their region based on contest scores over a 3 year period.  Each Team Leader had the option to select any operator as their teammate. Some chose from their same country or qualifying region while others select from another part of the world.

The Referees are experience contest operators that have volunteered to be present at every operating site to monitor the teams. They will observe the operators to confirm they are following the rules and to answer any questions if they come up. The Referees were selected from a large pool of applicants.

The Judges will take the logs after the competition and determine the winners.

Not included in this listing are the hundreds of amateur radio operators who are giving their time and energy to help with station setup, transportation, and lots of other under appreciated but extremely important tasks that go into an event of this size.

Follow the links below to learn more about the participants in WRTC2014:

List of Teams

Competitor Profiles


Judging Committee

Organizing Committee