Electrical Power

The WRTC2014 competitor stations will be powered by Honda EU2000i generators. The generators will output nominal 115VAC @60 Hz. View the Honda EU2000i generator manual.

The extension cord from the generator has one outlet at the tent end. The WRTC2014 organizers will provide on 3-way splitter and two (2) 6-outlet power strips with standard US outlets.


The splitter will be plugged into the extension cord. The two 6-outlet power strips will be plugged into the splitter. That makes a total of 12 outlets available for use.

The WRTC2014 organizers will provide the following items that will use some of the available electric outlets:

  • 2 outlets for the lamps
  • 2 outlets for the fans
  • 1 outlet for the scoreboard computer system (powered by one Astron RS-3A power supply that runs a low noise linear power supply)
  • 1 outlet for the rotator control box

The above will consume a total of 6 outlets. The teams will have a total of 6 outlets available for their own use.

  • 2 radios
  • 2 computers
  • (?) keyers, switching, decoding, whatever accessories

Teams should plan to provide the following:

  • Additional outlet strips if more outlets are needed
  • Converters from 115 VAC to the voltage used by their equipment. The WRTC2014 organizers will not provide power converters or voltage transformers.

Questions about power availability and distribution should be directed to Andy, N2NT. n2nt@wrtc2014.org