Princess Elettra Marconi Praises WRTC2014

Princess Elettra Marconi visited the historic Marconi wireless site at Cape Cod National Seashore today and used the club station KM1CC to have a contact with WRTC2014 Chairman Doug Grant, K1DG. The Princess is the daughter of the man that literally invented radio – Guglielmo Marconi.

Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the inventor of radio.

Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the inventor of radio, visits the Marconi site and has a QSO with WRTC2014 Chairman Doug Grant, K1DG.

The contact occurred on on 40 M 7.150 SSB at 2:30pm EDST. Princess Marconi spoke about how her father would be proud that radio amateurs are still advancing his work in wireless communication. She went on to praise the WRTC2014 event and its ability to promote international goodwill and operating skill.

Grant was operating using the club callsign of the World Radiosport Team Championship, WR1TC.

“What an honor and thrilling QSO,” said Grant after the contact was complete. “It was exciting to bridge history from the very beginning of amateur radio to the many aspects of Amateur Radio that we enjoy today. Even more so with her acknowledgement of how WRTC2014 is helping to carry on the Marconi legacy.”

Assisting with the contact was Barbara Dougan, N1NS, the trustee of the Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club station KM1CC.

Listen to the full QSO.

A visit to the Marconi Wireless Station Site and Chatham Marconi Maritime Museum is one of the tours that is available for WRTC2014 participants and visitors.

In 1899 Guglielmo Marconi validated his theory that Wireless signals could extend across the Atlantic and offer competition to the Cable monopoly on communication. Marconi was attracted to Cape Cod for its proximity to Europe and in 1903 astounded the world by completing two way communications between his 35,000 watt station in Wellfleet and Poldu England.