Referee Selection

WRTC is unique among amateur radio competitions in that it places an on-site referee with every operating team. The job of the referee is to monitor the competitors to confirm that they have followed all of the rules. For example, to watch the power meter or listen to see if the operators are identifying themselves over the air. The referee may be required to make rulings as to when equipment can be replaced or some other unexpected situation. Referees also serve as a communication backup to report the score of their team on a regular basis for the online scoreboard.

WRTC2014 will be placing new demands on the referees. The rules allow both operators to transmit and receive independently. This means the referee will be listening to two world class contest operators working CW or SSB at the same time! It will be an exciting weekend, but one that will require a great deal of skill and dedication on the part of the referee. After the competition the referees will provide input to the judging committee as needed.

Referees have a special status as part of WRTC2014 and are given access to all activities. Referees will be expected to cover their travel expenses to WRTC2014 (Boston area).  During the WRTC2014 activities (noon Wed July 8 to 8am Tue July 15) their room and board will be provided by the organizers the same as for the competitors. Referees arriving earlier or staying later will be responsible for their own expenses.

If you think you would like to be a referee for WRTC2014 you will need to submit an application that lists your qualifications. Download the referee application form in Microsoft Excel format. Return the file by no later than December 1, 2013 to

Referee qualifications:

  • Ability to travel to Massachusetts in July 2014
  • Fluency in English (all committee business is conducted in English)
  • Ability to effectively monitor two audio streams at the same time
  • Proficiency in both CW and SSB contesting
  • Ability to stay awake and focused for the full 24-hour contest period
  • Ability to send SMS text messages
  • No hearing impairments
  • Similar to competitors, no Red Cards or two Yellow Cards

The referee position is a critically important role to insure fair competition. Referees are selected by the WRTC2014 organizers based on demonstrated contesting skills. If you think you have what it takes, apply today!

The list of selected referees will be announced in December 2013.

Download: referee application form