2013 Station Test Announced

The WRTC2014 Organizing Committee will be conducting a capability and training test for the WRTC2014 stations and volunteers during the July 2013 running of the IARU HF Championship. The goals of the 2013 Station Test are:

  • Expand the pool of experienced teams for station set up
  • Evaluate proposed site locations for radio quietness and equality
  • Confirm logistics and procedures to set up and tear down a large number of stations
  • Gather log data under competition conditions to share with WRTC 2014 competitors

This will be the final test before the full running of the WRTC 2014 competition in July 2014. The plan is to set up and operate as many as 30 stations during the test.

Operating teams will informally compete using the WRTC 2014 equipment configuration and scoring rules in order to provide log and propagation information for the WRTC 2014 competitors.  This is a chance to have the WRTC operating experience for those who will not qualify to participate as competitors. Operating teams will be responsible for supplying their own radios and accessories per the WRTC 2014 rules.

The WRTC2014 Board has voted unanimously that anyone who operates from one of the 2013 Station Test sites will not be eligible to be a competitor in 2014. This is designed to prevent 2014 competitors from gaining any advantage.

If you are interested in helping with the WRTC 2013 Station Test, please contact one of the people below immediately:

Beam Team– Mark Pride, K1RX  k1rx@wrtc2014.org

Operating Teams/Site Teams – Tom Frenaye, K1KI  k1ki@wrtc2014.org

Questions or more information – info@wrtc2014.org