Amateur radiosport competition coming to the South Shore

Amateur radio operators are coming to sites on the South Shore from July 9 to 14 for the World Radiosport Team Championship.

By Cody Shepard
The Patriot Ledger

Most people won’t flock to watch the World Radiosport Team Championship this week, but to “hams,” this is their Super Bowl.

The competition will take place at sites on the South Shore in Carver, Cohasset, Hingham, Norwell and Plymouth. Myles Standish State Forest and Wompatuck State Park are two of the main operating sites. Other sites are found along Route 495.

The quadrennial competition consists of 59 teams of two amateur radio operators from around the world each. They will be assigned to a site that they will stay at for the 24-hour non-stop competition.

“It’s a hobby. Guys get together and use radios that they have at their house and they’re able to communicate to people around the world or just around town,” Randy Thompson, an event organizer, said. “Some people are into technology and some people are into talking.”

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