Asia Team 1 ( TL ) R9DX Vadim Ovsyannikov

R9DX Vadim Ovsyannikov

Team: Asia 1 (Team Leader)

Country: Russia

Age: 51

Occupation: Financial Manager

R9DX Vadim Ovsyannikov

R9DX Vadim Ovsyannikov

I started to learn Morse code at the age of 13 at school. At age 14 I earned my SWL call sign UB5-062-366 (Ukraine) and was one of the operators of the school club station UK5XAK. At that time I was interested in home brewing radio equipment. I built my first superheterodyne receiver at the age of 14. I got my personal license at the age of 18 and call sign UB5XCJ. By that time I was designing and building my own transceivers and using them on the air. I did not get my first commercially made transceiver until I was 34.

Since 1987 I hold call sign UA9CLB. It was only in 1997 that I got interested in contesting.  Since 2010 my call is R9DX.

I participated in WRTC 2010 in Moscow.