Asia Team 4 ( TM ) BA7IO Wenjun “Vange” Yang

BA7IO Wenjun “Vange” Yang

Team: Asia 4

Country: China

Age: 41

Occupation: Hotel Manager

BA7IO Wenjun “Vange” Yang

BA7IO Wenjun “Vange” Yang

I was born in 1972 and received my amateur radio license in 2004. I live in Huizhou City in the Guangdong Province, about 80km from Hong Kong. It is a very beautiful city, but I live downtown and background noise is relatively high, therefore, relatively poor for low-band receiving. I operate with an IC-756PROIII & K3 with DB18E (10–40 meters) and dipole on 80 meters. On 160 meters TX I use a sloper from the 18th floor of my building; RX is the 80m dipole. I had worked 320 DXCC by March 2014, finished nine bands DXCC (including 160 meters) and seven bands WAZ (10–40 meters). I created the Mulan DX Club with my friend BA5CW, and we organized the first contest of Chinese hams: the Worked All Provinces of China (WAPC) DX Contest from 2012.

I have a beautiful wife who is a ham also (BG7LFJ). We have three children. Our oldest son is 18 years old, another son is 11 years old, and our daughter is six years old. I love them all.

This is the second time a Chinese ham has taken part in the WRTC. I hope to have a successful finish.