Central Europe, Team 5 ( TM ) DL8DYL Irina Stieber

DL8DYL Irina Stieber

Team: Central Europe 5

Country: Germany

Age: 40

Occupation: Sales/marketing, Local Newspaper

DL8DYL Irina Stieber

DL8DYL Irina Stieber

I started at school with ham radio. I got my license in 1988 as Y89RL and did some rag chewing in CW and a little bit in DXing. My first passion was and is high speed telegraphy. From the first days till today I am operating most of the time in CW only. Later I started with contesting, mostly in short contests, and enjoyed operating from other countries, as J79RL, A35XM, 9Y4/, OE/, EA6/, EA8/ or W1/DL8DYL. For my activities I have to use the station of our local radio club DF0SAX or friendly radio clubs. After I got hooked to more serious contesting I became a member of the Bavarian Contest Club. I am member of the directors board and responsible for the public relations work and the BCC homepage.

In contests I really love to operate in multi-op teams, like at DR1A, DL0XM, DF0SAX, and KC1XX. It is an awesome challenge to get a big group focused to win and everything aligned in order to match the goal. In addition it is always a pleasure to meet a lot of your friends and compete against some friends in other teams.

Luckily my husband Ralf, DL9DRA, is also a radio amateur. He also likes contesting, but prefers DXing a little bit more. We both try to operate in contests as much as possible. Hopefully our son Robert will become infected by the ham radio virus too.

I am very proud to be the team mate of Sandy, DL1QQ. She is an outstanding operator and worked very hard to qualify. This is my first WRTC, so I am very nervous. But I know that I will see old friends and I will get to know new friends. So I am looking forward to meet the best contesters of the world and compete with them!