DK6XZ Suad Zukic

DK6XZ Suad Zukic

Team: Wild Card #2

Country: Germany

Age: 45

Occupation: CEO, Owner of an Office for Commerce and Project Management; International trade with industrial plants and construction machinery.

DK6XZ Suad Zukic

DK6XZ Suad Zukic

Born 1968 in former Yugoslavia. Citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Federal Republic of Germany. Graduated as Technician for Electrical Industrial Plants and Economist (Sarajevo University).

Licensed at the age of 14 years. In 1980s, was learning and making early first steps in Radio Club Zenica YU4EZC (now E71EZC) in Electronics, PC, ARDF, HST, Satellite, SSTV, Contesting. After an intermission of 18 years, in 2007 I returned to Amateur Radio and contesting while joining actively to Bavarian Contest Club and to Daimler Sportgemeinschaft SG STERN Rastatt — Club Station DM0B. I was one of the first members and officers of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club.

DARC representative on IARU Region 3 and World HST — High Speed Telegraphy Championships – in Poland 2010, Germany 2011 and Switzerland 2012. World records and European titles as team member of CR3L and DR1A in CQ WW DX Contests. European titles as single operator in CQ WW DX and WPX Contests as E77XZ.

Other hobbies besides contesting include human communication psychology and languages (6 spoken languages), mountain biking, off-road car expeditions, Alpine skiing, white water rafting, extreme nature expeditions, classic and Latin dance.

Besides sophisticated technologies and natural phenomenon we explore, the most fascinating thing in Amateur Radio is still the human being. In our global community we meet lots of different kinds of them. When we are sharing our frequencies and communicating to each other in humility, it makes us opulent people and changes this world to the better one!

WRTC2014 as an international sporting event on-site gives a seldom and wonderful opportunity to enjoy this fascination at the highest possible level.