Eastern Europe, Team 1 ( TM ) E77DX Emir “Braco” Memic

E77DX Emir “Braco” Memic

Team: Eastern Europe 1

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Age: 40

Occupation: HF Engineering/Tower and Antennas building/Transportation

E77DX Emir “Braco” Memic

E77DX Emir “Braco” Memic

Ham since 1988 at age of 14 and was operating as YU4JHI (Club Call) till 1992. Moved to Austria in 1992 and started with more serious contesting on Technical University Vienna OE1XTU. Since that time contesting became my passion. 1993 got OE1EMS callsign. After many years of contesting from Austria as OE1A, OE3A, OE4C, 4U1VIC and Croatia as 9A0R (IOTA contest). In year 2003 built OE4A with great help of OE4RLC, OE1WWA and OE3WLB. After 4 years my ham way brought me back to Bosnia, where I built another big gun E77DX / E7DX. I was as well one of the helper when Ivan OE1DIA started to build OE3K!

2013 I was first time operating outside of EU from my dream QTH Cape Verde in M/M as D4C.

From 2004 I made many great scores and some records and I was as well 2 times DQ in 2005 and 2008. Being disqualified I was not able to participate in WRTC (Brazil and Moscow) before, even that was my wish. Finally hard work paid off. I did qualify for WRTC2014 in Boston and I was first in EU5 group. I finally reached my goal, but I gave up my TL spot to make place for my friends 9A5K and 9A1TT. I got a place as the team mate of Ivan OE1DIA. Thanks Ivan.

I would like to say big thanks to my wonderful wife Silvia for everything she did for me and family and giving me opportunity to live my contest dream for 20 years. And our two kids Maya (13) and Denni (11).

WRTC is great event and idea is just great and I am lucky and proud to be part of it, even maybe on the end of my contest age. Thanks to organizers for well-done preparation work and hope to see you in Boston, MA in July!