Eastern Europe, Team 2 ( TM ) OM3RM Tibor “Tibi” Ferenec

OM3RM Tibor “Tibi” Ferenec

Team: Eastern Europe 2

Country: Slovakia

Age: 57

Occupation: Owner of OM Power

OM3RM Tibor “Tibi” Ferenec

OM3RM Tibor “Tibi” Ferenec

I was first licensed in 1973 as OL8CCJ at the age of 17 years. I have started with an 8 Watt homemade station on 160m band. I have spent a lot of time on bands at OK3RJS. I was a member of 9A8RR, 9A1V, and IS0/OM8A IOTA contest teams. We have won the IOTA contest several times. I was the winner of Europe SOAB in CQ WW CW 1995. Outside OM land I worked from 4U1ITU, 7W2OM, CT9M, CQ3A, CR3A, CR2X and D4C. Since 2004 I am a member of the OM8A contest team.

I am looking forward to WRTC2014 and meeting internationally recognized ham operators in person.