Eastern Europe, Team 4 ( TM ) OE5OHO Oliver Huber

OE5OHO Oliver Huber

Team: Eastern Europe 4

Country: Austria

Age: 39

Occupation: IT Manager

OE5OHO Oliver Huber

OE5OHO Oliver Huber

I was born in Vienna, Austria. At the age of 14 years I got into contact with ham radio at Boy Scouts and immediately was hooked. It was fun to listen to someone sitting on another continent. Those were the times without mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and omnipresent Internet. You still had to use your mind to explore the world with a child’s limited resources and ham radio delivers the ideal medium to reach out and interact with others. After obtaining my own callsign (you had to be 16 years old at that time) I experienced the physical limits of VHF communication. After 4 month of preparations I passed my Morse code test and then the real fun began – shortwave!

I convinced a teacher to build a competitive VHF and up contest station. We won a couple of contests, sometimes Field Day style sitting on top of mountains, etc. During my study years I was soon involved in executing HF DXpeditions around Europe and Africa and took the position as Contest Manager at my radio club OE5XVL (OE5T). Following WRTC 2010 I organized the Austrian Contest Club meeting in my current home town, Linz. That event laid the tracks for my WRTC2014 plans. I began to support my team leader Wolf, OE2VEL, at several multi-op contests (OE3K, E7DX, LX7I) and I am now looking forward having fun working with him at WRTC2014.

Ham radio played a big role in my choice of job and today I am an IT Manager for a 450-man company.

After WRTC2014 I plan to go to St. Pierre & Miquelon, FP, for a short DXpedition. Hope to meet you on the bands.