European Russia 2 ( TL ) UA3DPX Andrey Melanin

UA3DPX Andrey Melanin

Team: European Russia 2 (Team Leader)

Country: Russia

Age: 52

Occupation: Owner of Telecom Company

UA3DPX Andrey Melanin

UA3DPX Andrey Melanin

In 1979 got the first license UA3DPX and still have it. Graduated from Moscow Telecom University. The main thing in amateur radio – CONTESTING. Was one of the P3A gang. Used calls: UK3AAH, UK1AAW, IG9A, VP2E, IG9/AC6WE, EX9A,P3A, UN8LW, RW0A, RK3FWA… Currently using RM3F as my contest callsign.

6 time Russia champion (WRTC-style). Together with Igor, UA4FER, was RRTC Champion for last 3 years.

My company provides fixed telephone service, Internet, tower and antenna production (for professional communication), networking, and other. My other business is bees (honey production). Bees like to live under the towers of my antenna farm. I am also active in table tennis (rather seriously for veterans).

Participated in three WRTC: San Francisco, Slovenia, and Russia. WRTC is the best event where you can see the same crazy people like you all together in one place. Competition is very good, but the friendship and personal relations are most important. I wish good luck to all!