European Russia 3 ( TL ) RL3FT Yury Hmelenko

RL3FT Yury Hmelenko

Team: European Russia 3 (Team Leader)

Country: Russia

Age: 26

Occupation: Engineer – UHF antenna systems

RL3FT Yury Hmelenko

RL3FT Yury Hmelenko

I started in Amateur Radio at my hometown club station RK3DZD in Kolomna, Russia. I earned my first call, RK3DUF, in 2001 and in 2005 earned my first category call RL3FT. I hold a Master of Science from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I usually operate from the Zelenograd Amateur Radio Club station (RL3A). In last contest was active with team CN2AA.

Ham radio for me is first of all sport. WRTC is most significant competition in our sport. So I want make this height.