Northern Europe, Team 3 ( TL ) OH2UA Toni Lindén

OH2UA Toni Lindén                            

Team: Northern Europe 3 (Team Leader)

Country: Finland

Age: 34

Occupation: CEO of ICT startup company

OH2UA Toni Lindén

OH2UA Toni Lindén

I’ve been licensed since age of 15 and contesting got me hooked from the first days of my ham radio hobby. Since then I’ve been fortunate to operate with great teams and from great stations in Finland and abroad, like OH2U/OH2HE, OH2BH, OH8X, EA8ZS and ZA1A and many OH0 operations with different call signs. For the last ten years I’ve been focusing on single operator contesting mainly from Azores (CU2A, CU2X, CR2X). Since life’s a bit hectic nowadays, I’m trying to focus more on quality than quantity in contesting.

I am married and father of a young boy. I’m an entrepreneur (and CEO) in small Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company developing SDR and cognitive radio solutions for professional use. Other activities that keep me busy include free skiing, climbing and mountain biking.

This is my third WRTC and I’m looking forward to another great event. WRTC is not just only the 24h contest, but it’s a great gathering of the world’s best ham radio operators. The spirit of WRTC has always been something unique and I’m sure that this time won’t be any different.