Northern Europe, Team 4 ( TL ) YL1ZF Kaspars Uztics

YL1ZF Kaspars Uztics

Team: Northern Europe 4 (Team Leader)

Country: Latvia

Age: 36

Occupation: Field radio engineer

YL1ZF Kaspars Uztics

YL1ZF Kaspars Uztics

Ham radio operator since fifteen; have spent twelve years in active duty as signal officer, later worked for several telecommunication companies and banks. Now employed as field radio engineer in Latvian PTT. I am also a Board member of the Latvian Contest Club and Chief of Latvian Signal Officer Society (YL1ZS/YL1S).

I have been an active contester and contest expedition member for the last decade. Some of activities: C53ZF, C5P, C53M, C56R, YI9ZF, HN0Z, D4C, EA8AH, EG8FAS, CR3L, OH0I, II9P, EI7M, ES5ZF, ES9C, MM0DGR, CT9/YL1ZF, IT9/YL1ZF, EA8/YL1ZF, OH0/YL1ZF, EI/YL1ZF, PP5/YL1ZF, YL3AIW, YL4U, YL4HQ, etc.

Member of D4C and ES9C contest teams.

Previous WRTC experience in 2006 (Brazil, PT5I) with YL2KL.