Operating Opportunities for WRTC2014 Visitors

We have had a number of visitors to WRTC2014 ask for help finding a place to operate over the weekend.  I am pleased to announce that Les, NI1L, has stepped forward to serve as matchmaker between visitors and local station owners.  We want everyone who comes to WRTC2014 to have fun and get a chance to be on the air if they want.

Contact Les at NI1L@ARRL.NET if you would like help finding a place to operate.  Please include the following:

  • Callsign
  • Name
  • Contact info (email and mobile number)
  • Your operating interest (full time, part time, fun, serious, night/day, etc.)
  • If you will have a car

Les will acknowledge your email and then try to find a place for you.

Gerry, W1VE, is working to set up some remote station operating positions at the HQ hotel.  This will allow visitors to enjoy the bands without even having to leave the hotel.  We will also have 2 operating positions at the WR1TC HQ station in the hotel.  Please let Les know if you are interested in either of these.

Lots of opportunity to join the competitors on the air from New England.