Southeast Europe, Team 2 ( TL ) 9A5K Kresimir Kovarik

9A5K Kresimir Kovarik

Team: Southeast Europe 2 (Team Leader)

Country: Croatia

Age: 39

Occupation: IT solutions consultant, software development

9A5K Kresimir Kovarik

9A5K Kresimir Kovarik

Started with ham radio in 1988. After two years, I was involved in contesting and have enjoyed it very much for 20+ years. Also, working on software development for ham radio contesting. Worked in many multi op teams during the years, such as 9A1A, 9A7A, 9A9D and last three years as E7DX. Currently building small SO2R contest station. Married, have two sons.

This will be my second WRTC. The first one was 2006 in Brazil. Looking forward to see many old friends and expect really great competition in New England this year.