Southeast Europe, Team 4 ( TM ) VE3DZ Yuri Onipko

VE3DZ Yuri Onipko

Team: Southeast Europe 4

Country: Canada

Age: 53

Occupation: RF Engineer, Owner and CEO of Rig Expert Canada

VE3DZ Yuri Onipko

VE3DZ Yuri Onipko

Ham radio operator and active contester since 1974. Graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1984. Moved to Canada in 1998. VE3DZ since 2002 (VA3UZ in 1998-2002). Also UT4UZ, VE2IM, 8P9AA, PZ5T, ZF1DZ, 6Y2T, HC2TDZ, V31UZ, VO1AAM, etc. Operated from 23 DXCC countries. I have been going to Zone 2 to participate in the CQ WW Contests for 15 years in a row.

This is my sixth WRTC. I consider WRTC to be the most fair and equal ham radio competition, the best opportunity for world’s top contesters to show their skills in multiple fields working as a part of a team and under pressure: operating technique, propagation, technical expertise, flexibility, and stamina. On a top of that, WRTC is a unique chance to meet the best of the best ham radio operators in the world and make a lot of new friends. I just wish it would be held not only once in 4 years, but at least once every 2 years…