Tower Prep Work Day

Dennis, W1UE, led a team of volunteers to do some preparation work on the towers and other equipment to be used for WRTC2014.

Thanks to the following volunteers for contributing their time and effort to help make WRTC2014 a success:

Eric KV1J
Matthew W1MAT
Frandy N1FJ
Jim KK1W
Fred K1VR
Whitey K1VV
Bruce WW1M
Steve K1ST
Henry K1WCC
Wil K6ND
Alan W1AHM
Don AA1V
Dennis W1UE

Work accomplished:
1. 28 Top Sections are fully complete, ready to go. This includes removal of bolts from leg, accessory shelf installation, rotator installation, mast installation, cable verification, rotation verification, and numbering of control box/tower section.

2. Several other top sections were cleaned and prepped for assembly later.

3. Bolts were removed from the legs of all pointy top sections and all straight sections.

4. Made up some Tower Bolt kits. All the nuts were separated, all the bolts were separated (each by size), and the nuts in the tower legs were all put in the same box.

5. The 24 Station Lockers were all brought down, unboxed, and labeled for material distribution at a later date.

6. General clean-up and some material was recycled or disposed of.



Matthew W1MAT and Eric KV1J installing a rotator



Jim KK1W and Frandy N1FJ cleaning out the tower legs



Whitey K1VV and Henry K1WCC preparing another top section



Alan W1AHM and Don AA1V at work



A look at the tower “garden”

Photos by W1UE.