Western Europe, Team 4 ( TM ) M0DXR Mark Haynes

M0DXR Mark Haynes

Team: Western Europe 4

Country: Great Britain

Age: 30

Occupation: Project Manager Aerospace & Defense Industry

M0DXR Mark Haynes

M0DXR Mark Haynes

All types of contesting appeal to me, from the CQWW to small VHF/UHF activity contests, where I operate from a portable location. I’m honored to be a member of FOC and believe in promoting a long and happy future for CW, as well as in helping others explore our hobby. Contest University caught my interest at Dayton when it was introduced by K3LR, and I founded the UK division. My father Keith, G3WRO, has been licensed since 1967 and I have him to thank for pushing me through the UK Novice License in 1995 at the age of 12. I was the 1999 RSGB Young Amateur of the Year. It’s thanks to the kindness of people like Dave, G3RGS, Roger, G3LDI, and Stewart, GM4AFF, that people like me can enjoy this part of the hobby (I don’t have anywhere near the space at home to build stations that compare).

My main interests in Amateur Radio are contesting and DXing. Other than radio, I enjoy sports (Gym, Swimming, Running and Football) and have completed two London Marathons. I have a keen interest in aviation (private flying) and enjoy Meteorology and Geography, especially the geology of the UK. I have worked as a Project Manager in the Aerospace and Defense industry for over a decade and currently manage projects involving modifications to and maintenance of aircraft based in Cambridge, England. I am happily married to Gemma, 2E0WPX, and we have a four-year-old daughter, Rebecca.

Ever since I watched the WRTC VHS video from Finland some 11 years ago I dreamt about competing in this event. Never would I have imagined that it would come true in 2014. I am truly honored to be invited to join G0CKV as a teammate, and I am satisfied that we have a well-rounded approach to WRTC2014, in that we will be competitive and have a lot of fun.