Work Party to Prepare Station Kits

There was a work party yesterday at the “south warehouse” to assemble 15 station kits in preparation for the 2013 Station Test this coming weekend. Participants were K1DG, KE1J, W1KM, W1UE, W1MA, AA1V, and KM3T.

Assembling station kits on July 8, 2013.

Assembling station kits on July 8, 2013.

Here is a sample of the work required to prepare for WRTC2014 (notes by K1DG):

  • We organized our area of the warehouse.
  • We assembled the tilt bases that had been disassembled for shipping. They also got serial numbers, 16-30.
  • We bundled the wood stakes into packages of 10, and the ground rods into bundles of two. We loaded the bags of new tent stakes into the tent carrying bags.
  • We assembled the winches onto the winch brackets, and replaced the set screws on the collars with hex bolts.
  • We bagged the sling/pulley kits, donut kits, and repackaged the tower bolts into smaller bags.
  • We repackaged the beam that was used at the June 1 training session (somehow the tube would not telescope down to the 12-foot length).
  • We unloaded all the tables and threw out about 1 million tons of cardboard.
  • We unloaded and unpacked the new chairs.
  • We installed the top-of-derrick hardware (eyebolts, quicklink, pulley) on all the derrick masts.
  • We installed red tape on the 80M dipole center insulators, and rope loops and clips on all the dipoles.
  • We stuffed all the kit boxes, and found we were missing a few items.
  • Once the boxes are stuffed, they will be stacked under the shelves on the right in the photo.
  • We moved the tents and gas tanks out from between the tower sections and under the shelves on the left. Tents were serialized (16-30).
  • We put the coax jumpers for the power meters in bags…W1UE is building the 10 power meters tonight and tomorrow.
Completed station kits ready for use.

Completed station kits ready for use.

The logistics behind building 25 stations this year is just a warm up for the big show in 2014 when we have to assemble 65 stations in less than 48 hours!  More volunteers to help are always welcome.