WRTC2014 Station Test in IARU HF Championship

July 12, 2012


WRTC2014, Inc., host of the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship competition, will be conducting station tests during the 2012 IARU HF Championship contest this weekend. Thirteen stations will be set up in the WRTC competition configuration using sites planned for 2014. Awards will be offered for working the WRTC test stations.

“This is an important milestone in our preparation efforts,” said WRTC Chairman, Doug Grant, K1DG. “Beam teams will collect equipment and do the setup and tear down of tower and antennas at each site. Site teams will be responsible for managing the site and the generator for the weekend. Operating teams have volunteered to put the stations on the air so we can gather data on propagation and site effectiveness. It will be exciting to finally convert planning and preparation into action.”

The callsigns to be used by the WRTC test sites are:

The test stations will be active on 10 – 80 meters on both CW and SSB. The contest runs for 24 hours beginning 1200 UTC on July 14. Many of the test stations will be operating according to the WRTC competition rules (http://www.wrtc2014.org/competition/wrtc-rules/).

“One mission of the station test is to confirm that all sites are relatively equal,” said Tom Frenaye, K1KI, Director of the Site Acquisition and Testing Committee. “As you hear or work the test stations, please make a note of their signals in comparison to the other WRTC test stations.” Signal reports and other feedback should be sent to info@wrtc2014.org.

To help generate more activity and data, WRTC2014 is offering awards to encourage people to work the test stations. The awards are:

  • A WRTC T-shirt will be awarded to the 5 callsigns (outside W1) that work the WRTC test stations on the most band-modes.
  • A WRTC T-shirt will be awarded to the 3 callsigns outside North America that work the WRTC test stations on the most band-modes.
  • Everyone who works the WRTC test stations on 4 or more band-modes will be entered into a drawing to win a WRTC mouse pad or hat. Ten winners will be drawn.

See the WRTC shop for description of the prizes: http://shop.wrtc2014.org

No log submissions are required. Simply work the test stations on as many band modes as possible. IARU HQ stations are not eligible for the awards. Logs from the test stations will be made public.

Pictures and other information about the station tests will be available on the WRTC2014 web site after the contest.

For information about WRTC2014, contact WRTC Chairman, Doug Grant, K1DG, via e-mail at k1dg@wrtc2014.org.

About WRTC2014

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is held every four years and consists of approximately 50 two-person teams of amateur radio operators from around the world competing in a test of operating skill. Unlike most on-the-air competitions, all stations are required to use identical antennas from the same geographic region, eliminating all variables except operating ability. Previous WRTCs have been held in Seattle(1990), San Francisco(1996), Slovenia(2000), Finland(2002), Brazil(2006), and Russia(2010). More information is available at www.wrtc2014.org or contact WRTC Chairman, Doug Grant, K1DG, via e-mail at k1dg@wrtc2014.org.