Asia Team 2 ( TL ) RC9O Anatoly Polevik

RC9O Anatoly Polevik

Team: Asia 2 (Team Leader)

Country: Russia

Age: 56

Occupation: Real Estate Developer

RC9O Anatoly Polevik

RC9O Anatoly Polevik

I love contesting! When I was much younger my hobbies were motocross and ice racing and I achieved good progress in that. Years and sports injuries have taken their toll and I had to leave motorsport, but the soul of the sportsman required speed and adrenaline. Radiosport has given me everything! During the contest, I feel the same feelings as when I was racing on the track, and the meetings in the air with friends are an ocean of positive emotions. I love radio.

WRTC is an opportunity to meet up with friends whom I have not seen for a long time and some of them I have not seen at all, but I can distinguish their voices from thousands of others. This is a good opportunity to share experiences and learn about new technologies.