Asia Team 2 ( TM ) UA9PM Mikhail “Mike” Klokov

UA9PM Mikhail “Mike” Klokov

Team: Asia 2

Country: Russia

Age: 58

Occupation: Engineer for Radio Communications

UA9PM Mikhail “Mike” Klokov

UA9PM Mikhail “Mike” Klokov

I have been a ham since 1970 and was first licensed as UA9LAS in 1971 at age 16. Contesting became the major hobby in my life. During 1982 – 1989 as RZ0AA I was the leader of contest club UK0AMM (UZ0AXX, RK0AXX, RW0A). I operated in many contests as RZ9UA from 1989 – 2008. I am one of the operators of the Russian P3A team. In recent years, I have been active in contests from RZ9OZO, RC9O, together with team leader Anatoly (RC9O).

I was a competitor at WRTC 1996, 2000 and 2002, and a judge in 2010.