Central Europe, Team 2 ( TL ) IK2NCJ Luca Aliprandi

IK2NCJ Luca Aliprandi

Team: Central Europe, Team 2 (Team Leader)

Country: Italy

Age: 45

Occupation: Product manager in furniture company

IK2NCJ Luca Aliprandi

IK2NCJ Luca Aliprandi

First licensed in 1990, contesting is the main activity I join in ham radio. I started contesting at the I3MAU (SK) Multi-Multi station. After a few years I joined the IQ4A (now IR4X) team and with this group we organized the IG9A M/M contest expedition in the 1999-2000.

In the same years I joined ARRL DX from TG9IGI/TG0AA as a single operator. While setting up the IR2C station in Milan, I also was invited to join the D44TC-D44TD contest team from year 2001 and now I am involved in D4C contest station. In 2007, right after the DXpedition 1A4A, I joined the CQWW DX SSB M/M first ever activity as 1A3A. I have been also guest op around the world at 9K2HN, ES9C, YL4U, K1RX, IO1T, IR4T, IR4M, HB9CA, IR9Y, T70A, and II2E.

In 2010 I was teammate in the R32W team in WRTC Moscow. For WRTC2014 I wish to live again the familiar feelings I have found in WRTC-2010.