Central Europe, Team 1 ( TM ) YO3JR Andy Ruse

YO3JR Andy Ruse

Team: Central Europe, Team 1

Country: Romania

Age: 34

Occupation: Psychologist

YO3JR Andy Ruse

YO3JR Andy Ruse

Married to Cristina, YO3GLW (Good Lovely Wife) and have a son, David, SWL YO3-599/BU.

I started Amateur Radio at an early age. Contesting and DXing were my main interest from the start. I always tried to improve my operating skills and technical knowledge and contesting was the best way to do it. I’m happy to help and share my experiences with the newcomers and other people interested in contesting.

I’ve been involved in developing competitive contest stations in Romania and I had the chance to be a part of some multinational teams in multi-operator efforts during major World Wide and European contests. Building up a team is the greatest challenge for me, dealing with the human factor is not always easy…sometimes it can be harder than setting up a big station.

I am a proud member of Rheine Ruhr DX Association, DARC, ARRL, World Wide Young Contesters and a co-founder of the Nautilus Contest Club.

I participated in WRTC 2006 (PW5Z) and WRTC 2010 (R37L). For me WRTC is more than a competition held from time to time. WRTC is a state of mind, a friendship generator between people that share the same values and have a very high level of understanding of radio contesting phenomenon. WRTC definitely changed my life, my perspectives and views about contesting.