Central Europe, Team 4 ( TL ) IK1HJS Carlo De Mari

IK1HJS Carlo De Mari

Team: Central Europe 4 (Team Leader)

Country: Italy

Age: 52

Occupation: Owner of a local commercial wireless network

IK1HJS Carlo De Mari

IK1HJS Carlo De Mari

Licensed in ‘85. DXing and contesting on SSB and CW. I went on DXpeditions in 1990 to South Sudan (PA3CXC/ST0) and to Somalia (6O0N). I reached the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll in 1994. Helped setup IR1Y and operated contests mostly from there, but also from CN3A, CT9L, D4C, EA8AH, IR9Y, IR2C, and II9P. I was honored to be I2WIJ’s Teammate in WRTC 2010 in Moscow.

Giuliana, my wife, Paolo and Martina always acknowledged my contest passion. My thanks to contest station owners that hosted me for qualifying for this WRTC: Flavio IK1YDB (IR1Y), Vic I4YSS (D4C), Luca IK2NCJ (D4C), Girts YL2KL (D4C), Claudio IW2HAJ (IR2C), Valery RD3A (EA8AH), Juan EA8RM (EA8AH), Pekka OH1RY (EA8AH), Manolo EA8ZS (EA8AH), EF8U Ure Las Palmas, Joe IT9BLB (and Ari Palermo), IR2C (ARI Cinisello Balsamo).

Proud to be Team Leader this time and to have Fabio I4UFH in the team. I consider WRTC2014 the most wonderful occasion to meet the best contesters in the world, learn from them and compete!