Central Europe, Team 4 ( TM ) I4UFH Fabio Schettino

I4UFH Fabio Schettino

Team: Central Europe 4

Country: Italy

Age: 54

Occupation: Sales Manager for international renewable energy company

I4UFH Fabio Schettino

I4UFH Fabio Schettino

I have been involved in ham radio since 1982. After few years of SWL I got my license in 1979 at 19 years old. In 1982 I joined IY4FGM, the Marconi House Station, where Marconi has started his first wireless experiment. After several national top score scores from 1982 to 1987 from IY4FGM and my home QTH, I joined the IR4T Contest Team. My first serious activity from IR4T started in 1987 and almost all of solar sunspot cycle #22 was spent from this amazing place.

The addition of IG9 and IH9 as separate countries to the WAE Country list in 1995 boosted plans to activate this ‘Country’ during the CQWW Contest. From 1995 to 2000 several operations were done from IG9 Lampedusa Island. In 1999 and 2000 I was one of leaders of a 24-operator field day activity in the M/M category from IG9A, finishing 2nd place in both years behind only CN8WW.

I was involved in the first ever MS in the CQWW SSB 2001 from D4 winning with more 10,000 QSOs logged, and held the All Time record until the VP2E guys got it. The WPX SSB 2002 was another winning effort in the Multi-Single category from D44TD. The same year in the ARRL 10m I did SO SSB with over 5000 QSO in 36 hours, getting first and holding the All-time score also in this event.

In 2007 I became involved again in Cape Verde in the new D4C project, building a M/M station on the top mountain in Mindelo. From 2007 to 2013, many winning activities from D4C have been done.

I participated in the last four WRTCs; competitor in 1996 in San Francisco, referee in 2000 in Slovenia, competitor in 2002 in Finland, and referee in 2006 in Brazil. It’s always a thrill be competitive between the top contesters. This is my fifth WRTC and is always a tremendous emotion join this event.