Eastern Europe, Team 5 ( TM ) S57AW Robert Bajuk

S57AW Robert Bajuk

Team: Eastern Europe 5

Country: Slovenia

Age: 43

Occupation: Public administration, Emergency Call Centre Manager

S57AW Robert Bajuk

S57AW Robert Bajuk

I have been active in amateur radio since getting my first license back in 1987 at the age of 17. I was not active for few years but always came back to the radio. Was holder of YT3VV (1987 – 1992) and S53G (1993 – 1995). Operated at A61AJ, CN3A, ZA/S57AW and others. I am member of small S50G contest team for the last years and we achieved some nice results in multi-op contesting. My primary interest is HF contesting.

I am an active Slovenia contest club member and SCC Contest Manager responsible for two contests organized by SCC – EU HF Championship and SCC RTTY contest. I am married and have two nice daughters Tia (10) & Zoja (6). I owe a lot of gratitude to my wife Susan who has always supported me in my hobby.

WRTC2014 will be the fourth WRTC which I will attend. I had different roles in previous WRTC (as visitor in San Francisco in 1996, organizer and referee in Slovenia in 2000 and competitor in Russia in 2010). WRTC2014 will be my second chance to compete in a team together with Tine, S50A, who invited me to be his teammate as in Moscow four years ago. I look forward to meet old and new friends, to have a good time at WRTC2014 and to be part of this great event in Boston. I am sure that team behind WRTC-2014 is definitely the best guarantee that the WRTC-2014 will be a great success.