Southeast Europe, Team 1 ( TL ) 9A6XX Hrle Horvat

9A6XX Hrle Horvat

Team: Southeast Europe 1 (Team Leader)

Country: Croatia

Age: 30

Occupation: Business IT Consultant

9A6XX Hrle Horvat

9A6XX Hrle Horvat

My first contact with amateur radio happened in 1994 with a presentation of the local club in elementary school. Soon after that I started regular Morse code courses and in May 1995 I successfully passed my first amateur radio exam at age of 12. In 1996 I started with first HF contests and by 1998 I was active in over 50 contests from my club (operating as 9A1CHP/9A7P). In 1997 I received my first personal call – 9A6NHH. In 1999 with few other active young contesters we started WWYC (World Wide Young Contesters) group.

I was a guest at WRTC 2000 to meet lot of contest friends. At same year I got the callsign 9A6XX and in 2001 I met my WRTC teammate Dave, 9A1UN when the story of 9A1P station became something to work on. I managed to qualify as youth team leader at WRTC 2006 where I participated with Fabian, DJ1YFK as PT5V. Qualification for WRTC2014 turned into huge personal and team project with all qualifying contests being a thrill for itself with huge competition in Europe#5. Thanks to all who helped us on the road to WRTC2014 – long list of 9A1P/9A7P supporters and DQ4W, LX7I, E7DX and K1LZ teams for hosting me.

I hold a Master in Economics degree and am working as a consultant in business applications (SAP).

WRTC2014: Great friends, great competition – not many things can compare to that.