Western Europe, Team 5 ( TM ) F8CMF Sebastien Bajulaz

F8CMF Sebastien Bajulaz

Team: Western Europe 5

Country: France

Age: 31

Occupation: Manager, IT Industry

F8CMF Sebastien Bajulaz

F8CMF Sebastien Bajulaz

I was first licensed in 1995 at the age of 13 (FB1CMF), but had to wait three years to reach the age required to get the Extra class license (F8CMF). I quickly became interested in DXing and contesting on the HF bands. I next started focusing my efforts on building an SO2R station with a single tower at my home QTH. I live in the east part of France in a mountainous area close to the Swiss border. In the past years I have also operated from FY5KE, 4U1ITU, TM0HQ, TM2Y, and TM6M during major contests. My favorite modes are SSB and CW.

This will be my first participation in the WRTC. Taking part in WRTC is a great opportunity to compete with top-notch contesters. Competing with each other with the same antenna setup makes the strategy and the operator skill even more important. WRTC is also a good opportunity to meet other highly motivated contesters.