Central Europe, Team 1 ( TL ) LX2A Philippe Lutty

LX2A Philippe Lutty 

Team: Central Europe, Team 1 (Team Leader)

Country: Luxembourg

Age: 32

Occupation: Civil Engineering, M.Sc. (Water/Environment)

LX2A Philippe Lutty

LX2A Philippe Lutty

I got involved in Amateur Radio through my uncle LX1AJ (SK since 2009) and the Jamboree on the Air when I was 13 years old. I received my license in 1997 at age 16. My uncle was a ham from the beginning of amateur radio in Luxembourg (more than 60 years ago) and showed me everything I needed to know. My brother is licensed as LX3DL and my father as LX3CL.

Most important in Amateur Radio for me is DXing and contesting. When I participate in a contest I always try to do my best. I personally never want to give up, and even if everything goes wrong I will still try to do my best to find a solution. Since July 2002 I operate from a special contest QTH in the north of Luxembourg as LX7I with a very good take-off in all directions. At my contest station are six towers and nearly 25 Yagi antennas from 160 meters up to 2 meters.

I studied civil engineering at a university in Germany and Luxembourg and received my diploma in July 2007. I earned my Master’s degree in water and environment in June 2011. I now work for the government as a civil engineer in water management. I have one daughter born in October 2013. I speak Luxembourgish, German, French, English, and understand Spanish.

For me WRTC is more than a competition. Meeting all these fellow contesters is why I wanted to participate in this event. Thanks again for giving me the possibility to be part of WRTC2014